Slam Dunk – How it ends

slam dunk After the anime Slam Dunk televised its last episode (which was the conclusion of the practice game between Shohoku and the merged Shoyo-Ryonan team), many were left hanging in the air. A lot of SD fans were asking the questions “did they win the inter-high?”, “how did it end?” or “what happened after that?” Luckily, the Slam Dunk manga continued the story where the anime left off. 

So after the practice game, the inter-high tournament bracketing was finally released, and there were 3 things worth noting: 

1) Shohoku is in Bracket A while Meiho High is in Bracket B, meaning they would have to go all the way to the finals in order for lead character Hanamichi Sakuragi to get his hands on Meiho’s star player, the massive phenomenal center Hiroshi Morishige who single-handedly beat Aiwa Tech, one of the Final Four last year. 

2) Bracket A seems to be a very difficult one to be in, as defending champion Sannoh is inending their bracket, as well as Aiwa Tech, and the most prolific scoring team in Toyotama, who they will be facing first. 

3) Even with the impressive performance on the Kanagawa trials against #2 Shoyo and #1 Kainan, they were regarded as a C-ranked team, which doesn’t sit well with the starters, but as Shohoku Coach Anzai wisely mentioned that this could be a blessing in disguise for the reason that other teams might take them lightly because of the ranking. 

hanamichiThe day has arrived as Shohoku took on A-ranked Toyotama, notorious for their run-and-gun offense, and an extremely rowdy group of followers. Things weren’t going so well for Shohoku from the beginning, as their patented swift offense we’re greatly overpowered by Toyotama’s dynamic run-and-gun, and their opponent’s constant taunting caused them to lose their head in the game even more. 

Then in Anzai’s first risk in the game, the put guard Yasuharu Yasuda, who is more known for riding the bench all the time, into the game to calm everybody else down. And it worked. Slowly but surely, he dictated the pace of the game into a slow, deliberate one which didn’t sit well with Toyotama and it’s fans, but Yasuda was unfazed with the taunting and kept the pace going, mostly giving Takenori Akagi the ball on offense to score inside. 

As the score seemed to be even, an “accident” occured in the 1st half. As Kaede Rukawa broke free from his opponent, he was blindsided by “The Ace Killer”, who threw an elbow in his left eye, knocking him unconscious. With Rukawa out of the game, Shohoku struggled to stay in the game, until Rukawa’s eventual return, although stil hurt. 

The second half featured both teams taking their offense to full throttle, with Hisashi Mitsui and Rukawa taking care of Shohoku’s offense. And eventually, Shohoku defeated Toyotama.

Unfortunately, their next game is the day after they beat Toyotama, and what’s worse, their next opponent is none other than Sannoh, the best high school team in all of Japan.


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