A 5-minute Routine

Put that unused basketball into use, by just a basketball you now have an equipment to use in getting fit.  You can actually help your abs, back, and hips strengthen by using this 5-minute routine.  Do each exercise for one whole minute in order. 

  • The Plank

      Make a pushup position, your hands beneath the shoulders and on hands on top ofplank the basketball.  Make sure to hold your abs tight and hold your body in a straight line position from the heels up to the shoulders. 

  • Knee-to-Elbow Plank

      Here you use the same body position like the plank, but only allowing your back to arch and allow your right knee to touch your right elbow.  Hold it for 30 seconds, and then use your left knee to touch your left elbow, and again hold it for 30 seconds. 

  • Lying Wood chop

      Lie on your back with the knees slightly bent.  Then hold the ball behind the head with your arms slightly bent as well.  Try to maintain this arm angle through out the exercise.  When doing a sit-up, bring the ball to the floor in between your legs, and then return to starting position. 

  • Side-to-side twist

      Do this by sitting and leaning back slightly, with your knees bent and feet of the floor.  Hold the ball in front of the chest by both hands.  Next twist your shoulders from side to side, letting the ball to touch the floor beside the hips. 

  • Over and Under

      Like the figure-8 drill, but this one you do while seated.  Your legs slightly bent and you upper back off the floor.  The ball is moved over and under the legs passing the ball from one hand to the other while you alternate drawing the knees towards you and away from you. 

Do this, this can help you firm your abs, back and hips.


3 Responses to “A 5-minute Routine”

  1. or for us girls, a volleyball or the ever famous exercise ball.. ill definitely try this at home

  2. biancashelton Says:

    Cool, this is a best exercise for busy people like me. I can suggest a good round of sex too!

  3. The tips are truly for keeps! A helpful post.

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