UFC 79: Nemesis Review

UFC 79

            The last UFC event of the year was held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, it features 2 main events that are just as compelling. On one hand we have the rubber match between Georges St. Pierre, arguably the best athlete in MMA today, going against one of the most dominant champion in MMA history in Matt Hughes. And the other pits the match up everyone’s been waiting for in a very long time, former PRIDE Middlewight Champion Wanderlei Silva pitted against former UFC Light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell. The card was really stacked, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

             The first match pitted long-time rivals Melvin Guillard and Rich Clementi and the fight did not last long, as “No Love” Clementi secured a rear naked choke that forces Guillard to tap. Fighters usually call truce once the fight was over, but not this one. After the fight, the two are still jarring at each other. This rivalry has not seen its end, at least not yet.

             2nd fight is between 13-0 Lyoto Machida against “The African Assassin” Sokoudjou, notorious for his victories over two top 5 ranked LHWs in the world, both under 2 minutes. This fight has become Machida’s breakout party, as he dominated in every aspect of the fight, and even winning in spectacular fashion via Arm triangle choke.

             Now the first of 2 main events is upon us, the fight between Silva and Liddell is moments away. Both men started very cautious, respecting each other’s striking prowess, but that didn’t last very long as they took their gears to another level. Silva should get everyone’s credit for not giving up even for a second, but its obvious from the beginning that Liddell and his reach advantage was the deciding factor. And it contributed to “The Iceman” winning via unanimous decision.

             Last but not least, it’s the battle between GSP and Hughes for the UFC interim welterweight title, a title unable to be defended by Matt Serra who is nursing a back injury. Right from the get go, GSP showed utter domination of Hughes, and he even beats him at his own game, wrestling. Eventually, Hughes succumbed to a flawlessly executed series of submission transitions. What started as a kimura and a possible triangle choke attempt then transitioned into an armbar that saw Hughes verbally submitting, and once again, GSP tasted UFC gold.

             It certainly was one of the best cards the UFC has offered this year, and no doubt this will be remembered for a long time.


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