“Do I Still Belong?”


            As most of you who read my past blogs, you already have an idea that I will be getting married soon.  And I get to thinking that once I get married do I still belong to the same group I have right now?

             Most of my friends are still single and would be staying single for a couple of years.  And I keep wondering if I will have my family, would they still be my friends?  I don’t think that they will still be inviting me to go out and have fun like we used to.  Like going to the bars, getting drunk and wasted, and meeting up girls.  Or am I going to belong to those few friends I have that hangs out with their families, getting together for a picnic and letting their kids run around and play?  I had experienced that a friend of mine from way back got married a little bit early and then suddenly he stopped seeing us.  It was like he never existed.  Then I bumped into him one time and asked him why he never contacted us or gone out with the guys.  He just answered, “Men, I have my family to be with.  It is a busy life, and I wanted to spend most of my time with my family as long as I could.”  So now I kept thinking, would that be me after a few years?  Would I still be able to have friends outside of the family?  Or will I still be me after getting married?


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