A Juror Pressured

           cicciaro family after white's conviction

             John White was convicted of a second-degree manslaughter for the shooting of a 17-year-old Daniel Cicciaro Jr.  The juror who helped convict white, came out and said that he felt pressured to change his vote to guilty after enduring a psychological tactics on him and other jurors who changed their votes as well.  Because of the upcoming holidays, he felt like he was pressured to vote guilty so that he and the other jurors can have the holidays with their families.  If he didn’t change his vote then they would have to go back on a Sunday to deliberate that was according to Judge Barbara Khan.  But it was not worth it in the end, said Juror Francois Larche (cnn.com).

             In my opinion, yes it would suck not to spend holidays with your love ones, but think about the families of the victim and the man convicted.  Would you think that it would be fair for them to put away a wrong person?  Of course not, you would only be giving suffering to other people if you convicted a person just because you wanted to get it over with.  I’d rather wait for a few days to decide whether he is guilty or not.  What is a few more days, when you already spent so much time deciding which is right or which is wrong, then just throw it all away because of the pressure from other people?  Then you would be taking away a lot of holidays from the person you convicted if he didn’t do the crime at all.


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