A little vacation

the cabin

I am going to take a trip alone for this coming weekend. I might go somewhere peaceful where I can think and sort out my feelings.

I might rent a cabin north from here and be alone for awhile. I used to go there with my parents to go fishing. It’s very nice there, the air is breezy, the birds are all singing, and a very peaceful place to go to. It’s one heck of a nature trip. Usually when I go there with my parents during summer, we go camping, fishing, and trekking. How I miss that good old days when I don’t have to worry about anything. This is one of the times that I miss being a kid. I miss just being taken care of, just playing around, no decisions to make, no bills to pay for, and no confusing life. It’s very ironic when we are kids we wanted to be a grown-up so we can do things that we wanted without having to ask for our parent’s permission. But now that we are all grown-up, we wanted to be a kid again and avoid all these grown-up stuff and just rely on our parent’s decisions.

Anyway, I just want to get away for a little while and find myself.


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