The Preparation

wedding preparation

I had all weekend planned for me and my fiancé. We had to start planning for the wedding to come. I had no idea that there was so much to do for a wedding and how little I know about it. All I know is that I am the groom, but I was wrong.

We sat down from morning ’til noon just planning who to invite and what motif we would be using. I didn’t know that it could take that long just to think who to invite and what color to pick. As time goes by, we had to plan the entourage, where the reception will be, which church are we going to be wed, what songs we will be playing, how many layers of cake are we going to have, and which designer are we going to hire, man that was tiring and we were only seating there at the coffee shop, we hadn’t gone out doing stuff. It was just planning alone. It’s a good thing that my fiancé knows what to do and what she wanted, it made it a little bit easier. I never thought that this would be so difficult to deal with. But I told myself, all this will be worth it after we get married because I will be wed to the most beautiful girl in the world.


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