Who’s guilty?

law             I had heard this story from a friend, so tell me what you think. I had known this friend for quite sometime and she was always the nice person. So, this is how the story goes.

            She hired a stay home nanny for her daughter. And the nanny doesn’t seem to like to take care of the kid. But my friend gave her the benefit of the doubt. And then things came missing – money, clothes, and other stuffs which was by the way found in the nanny’s bag, the kid always had mosquito bites, and the calls her friends to come over when no one else is around without asking for permission. But my friend was too nice that she forgave her nanny for everything but man if you see the kid’s legs and arms, then you’ll see that there really is negligence in her part. What ticked my friend off is hearing the nanny claiming that she has been maltreated and that my friend doesn’t give food to eat, which is very doubtfullaw and order because I’ve been in their house and all the food are out and everybody can have an easy access to it. And I’ve seen the nanny eat, man that woman can EAT! And so my friend decided to report this to the police after all these events. And she was told to release her and then file a case against her. But then the nanny, filed a case against my friend saying that she’s has been accused of, and that the salary was given to her.

            So what would one think? Who is the guilty one here, my friend or the nanny?


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