Creating a Perfect Moment

the garden

            I’ve been thinking on proposing to my beautiful girlfriend, and I wanted to make her feel special and I wanted it to be memorable for her.

            I saw this girl in the mall walking by, as I was eating my subway. I was mesmerized because of her exuding beauty. I was scared to walk right up to her but I thought this is a onetime thing, and if I don’t walk up to her I might miss the chance on knowing her and I might not see her again. So I decided to just do it. As I walk near her, I smiled and she smiled back, then I said “Okay, that’s a good sign.” There were butterfly flapping in my stomach, I have never felt like this before, and I had my share of girlfriends too. Right then and then I knew this lady will be the person I will spend the rest of my life with. And now I’m planning to make her say yes to my proposal.

            I looked for a beautiful garden filled with white flowers, and I set up a small table for two. The surrounding is full of lights, and I asked someone to cater for us. I will be proposing to her in the sound of If it wasn’t for her love by Heather Headly. So wish me luck tonight!


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