Hayabusa: A Phoenix waiting to be reborn

john cenaWhen we talk about professional wrestling, we often use World Wrestling Entertainment as reference, and why not, it basically globalized pro-wrestling after the NWA put it on the map. We often talk about John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, and others, but unknown to most, one country supports pro-wrestling so much, it often grazes the newspapers without having to create controversies like gimmick gay marriages, drinking beer all over the place, or most recently, shaving a billionaire bald. The country I’m talking about is Japan and one of their legendary wrestlers from the Land of the Rising Sun is the one and only Eiji Ezaki, mostly known as Hayabusa.

             Born November 29th, 1968, Ezaki started watching wrestling in 1976, idolizinghayabusa mask Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras and Tiger Mask. Through the years he found a friend who has a similar passion as him, and a name that he will hear for years to come, Masashi Honda. The two shared a similar burning passion for wrestling, and both would eventually knock on the doors of the FMW training dojo, where they started from students then eventually transformed into two of the promotion’s top stars.

             What made Hayabusa one of Japan’s biggest wrestling stars relies in his ability to provide tremendous amount of excitement in every match he’s in, coupled with his tremendous heart. His campaign in Mexico gives him the aerial attacks that would be his main arsenal. His arsenal includes various suicidal dives, moonsaults and suplexes. But his ultimate finishing maneuver is a corkscrew 450 splash he calls “The Phoenix Splash”, a move that only he can pull off, until now.

hayabusa           When Atsushi Onita contemplated retirement, FMW was in jeopardy as he was the promotion’s top draw. But with great trust to Ezaki’s abilities, the management chose Hayabusa to spearhead FMW and its new vision. Hayabusa had FMW entirely on his shoulders, but he didn’t succumb to the pressure, and the fans embraced the new FMW, with Hayabusa as top guy.

             Throughout his reign, he battled the promotion’s cream of the crop, like Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka, Kodo Fuyuki, Gladiator (Mike Awesome) his old friend Masashi Honda (now known as Mr. Gannosuke), and even the returning Atsushi Onita. Hayabusa fought them all, and beat them one after the other.

             On October 2001, his wrestling career came to an abrupt end when his feet slipped on middle rope while trying to execute a moonsault, making him lose balance in the air and eventually landing forcibly on his neck, paralyzing him. This unfortunate turn of events also marked the end of the FMW promotion itself, as it struggled tremendously with the loss of its top draw.

             Not wanting to succumb to the depression caused by his paralysis, he found other ways to be productive, either by speaking in seminars or randomly appearing in certain vignettes. He eventually became successful as a recording artist.

            While he’s currently successful with his singing career, he never gave up hope onhayabusa wrestling again. In several interviews, he always tells everyone that his wrestling career is only on the shelf, and that before everyone realizes it, he’ll be back to the one thing he loves.

             A mark of excellence, grace, and heart, he has touched the hearts of everyone who had the honor of watching him perform. One thing’s for sure, the entire population of the pro-wrestling world is eagerly awaiting for the moment that we get to see the legendary phoenix rise from the ashes once again.


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