The art of Body Building

Like we always say, if there is no pain, there is no gain. Of course we can only achieve a great body like Arnold’s if we have the discipline and the motivation. A proper diet, correct training, and good health are the factors that may help one person to gain such beautiful body. Be advised that before even trying to do weight-lifting, one should first consult a doctor to check if the heart will be able to sustain the training. Like the other muscles, when used over and over, the heart will also grow bigger due to the constant increase in workload. In body building, the main goal is to increase the size of a muscle, may it be through a combination of weight training, sufficient caloric intake, and rest.body

There are some areas of body building; there is professional body building, natural body building, teenage body building, and female body building. But all of these still requires the right physique. The body builders use three main strategies in maximizing the growth of a muscle. These are strength training by using weights or elastic/ hydraulic resistance, a specialized nutrition with extra protein and supplements if needed, and sufficient rest that includes sleep and body recuperation in between workouts.

Improper use of muscle may result to an overtraining. It is when the workload already exceeds ones recovery capacity. This may result from the lack of rest time or recovery time in between workouts, inadequate nutrition, incomplete sleep, and too intense training. To avoid this kind of effect, one should have a certified trainer.


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